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Being present

Man walking don in a beach during sunset

The only time that is real is the present...we all have hopes and dreams...which is fantastic...but recognising this as a future promise, and an illusion...not devaluing it or not striving for it...but holding it lightly. That way choosing to live today, choosing to accept today as more than enough because that is all we truly have and the only context in which we can choose to bring joy, courage, peace, acceptance, love and compassion. The only context in which we can act to create a life of meaning and fulfilment. With whatever may be challenging us today, can we still choose a courageous response that is in line with what is important and authentic to us? Are you willing to choose a response not fuelled by fear and pain, but one that you will be proud of in time to come? One that you can say "I was challenged to be my best self and yes, I rose to the challenge."

The qualities of being present include;

- Paying attention

- Choosing courage to acknowledge what is showing up for us in each moment (e.g. thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories)

- Creating space to take a breath and unhook from the ‘mind machine’

- Create space to be able to hear above the noise of any intense thoughts and feelings, to hear what is important to us in how we could choose to respond in a way that is in line with what is important.

- Noticing the flow of our internal experience and how it can change from moment to moment, and in so doing allow thoughts and feelings to come and go without holding on to them tightly.

- Self-compassion – recognising the common humanity of our experience

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