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Corporate services

Talk Therapy's workplace wellbeing programmes

In times of high uncertainty, mental health support is crucial in maintaining a well-balanced, high-performing workplace. Talk Therapy’s corporate and employee assistance services aims to improve the mental wellbeing and working practices of your employees. 

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Are you doing enough to promote wellness in your staff?

COVID 19 has increased workplace stress considerably. Receiving the appropriate support to deal with workplace stress and challenges is linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and increased motivation and engagement. Leading New Zealand companies are increasingly recognising the value of their human capital and are seeking innovative ways of enhancing workforce effectiveness.

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Are you looking for new and interesting ‘evidence based’ strategies to support your employees and leadership?

Talk Therapy NZ offers a comprehensive list of online counselling and employee wellbeing services suited to the needs of small businesses and big companies alike, including:

-        Executive coaching

-        Leadership support

-        Resilience workshops

-        Employee wellbeing and mental health 

-        Workplace stress management

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How it works:

1. Get in touch with us to book a video call to discuss your needs and requirements.

2.      Get a personalised quote for a services pack suited to your needs.

3.      Support services are delivered online, offering flexibility and convenience suited to fast-paced professional environments. 

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