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Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy NZ is founded on the principles of developing and delivering high quality, evidence-based, and effective interventions to provide mental wellbeing support for individuals and professional teams.

The uncertainties and difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on how we live and work have led to an increase in all New Zealanders experiencing increased mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression and stress. Talk Therapy NZ offers therapeutic solutions in a convenient and accessible way. We are a part of the wider approach to improving mental wellbeing offered by the many different services with the aim of meeting the high need, providing the right therapy, at the right time, in the right way. Online Counselling plays an integral role in this and reducing some of the barriers to people accessing help.

We provide skill- based support and interventions to people needing support to

  • manage their mood and anxiety

  • learn ways to address difficult thoughts and feelings

  • learn effective coping strategies

  • talk through specific challenges

  • improve relationships

  • focus on personal development and develop a healthy sense of self

Man Using a Tablet

How it works

We offer:

  • Convenient access to trained and experienced mental wellbeing support.

  • Sessions are held via Zoom so you can access this from any location.

  • Reduced wait times

  • Ability to view your chosen Counsellor’s diary and book yourself in.


How do I book?

  • Look through the profile of each of our available Counsellors

  • Choose which Counsellor(s) you feel matches what you are looking for in a Counsellor

  • Check your chosen Counsellor(s) diary, choose an appointment slot and book.

  • You will get an email confirming your appointment and with a Zoom link

Our counselling team

Our team are NZ Registered Health professionals with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience. They have experience of supporting clients who are experiencing mental health issues. They have undergone trainings in skills-based interventions underpinned by evidence based psychology and psychotherapy modalities.

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